What makes us a team?

Together we are just better.

Our specialization is interior, architectural, portrait, event reportage and creative product photography.

We want to do more than just delivering great visual experience – it has to be fitted to client’s needs, follow function and represent unique style. It’s nice to take good pictures but real fun is to tell great stories.

With our similar attitude, interests and background but slightly other points of view. Together we can achieve more. And have more fun.

Przemek Matląg

Born 1989, based in Kraków.

Przemek is an engineer, however he is really happy not to use his engeneering skills very often. Due to his longterm cooperation with with real estate agencies, we assume that Przemek is a person who has photographed the most apartments in Poland (over 3000… who can beat it?). Student of Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic.

Przemek likes good and unusual food, Swedish cars and Italian coffee. He is a festival goer with years of experience and electronic music enthusiast. In daily life he highly appreciates well designed objects and tidy workplace.

Andrzej Szopa

Born 1988, based in Warsaw.

He claims that he didn’t lose his best years on studying economics and cultural studies. At least not completely. Now he’s a student of Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic. His adventure with photography started accidentally – fortunately it turned into a choice and he consequently develops his skills.

It would be hard for Andrzej to imagine life without music and coffee. If he got more free time, he would surely spend it on: reading, forest walks, cooking and dancing. And he would have a dog.

Andrzej and Przemek.

In fact it’s not enough to say that “we are photographers”. We enjoy working together, however our cooperation has other origins:

We’ve done a lot of things together: we were flatmates and we painted 2 apartments, we have travelled thousands of kilometers by car and took part in music events from Baltic to Adriatic see, we have drank hectoliters of coffee; we’ve had countless conversations regarding most of possible topics including sense of life. LATO is our mutual idea and we have no doubts that joining our forces will benefit each of us.

We are photographers. And friends.

We’ve worked

Philip Morris International
Axel Springer
Jack Daniel’s

3D Architekci
Lex Motion
Hamilton May Real Estate